What Chubb Employees Need to Know about the SERP

By Aaron Marks, Founding Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Chubb employees have countless benefits offered to them, but none may be as powerful as the SERP if used properly.  The Supplemental Employee Retirement Plan (SERP) allows certain Chubb employees to potentially save for retirement above and beyond the standard IRS limits for 401(k) contributions while also receiving additional company match.  But just enrolling in the SERP plan does not ensure that you will have the anticipated outcome in retirement.

From the investment elections that need to be made (too many of our clients unwittingly had 100% of their contributions only being invested in a Money Market) and payout choices that have a major impact on your future tax bills and cash flow in retirement, it is critical to have a well thought out plan going into the SERP and OCDP election period.

The next enrollment period begins Monday, November 29, 2021 and ends on Friday, December 17, 2021.

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