Monthly Insights Newsletter: May 2023

Patrick’s Planning Post

Look Out! Here it Comes (Again) – The Next Big Investing Trend

Not all shiny new trends require your attention, and even fewer require a share of your wallet or investment portfolio. Take a look at the article below by our VP of Wealth Planning, Patrick Swift, CFP as he discusses why the “AI-ification” of our society is a prime example of letting your emotions influence your investment strategy. Click here to read more.


Liebmans’ Library

For this month, we continued with one of our themes that the reader is likely familiar with at this point: volatile mediocrity. We again reiterate that there are a tremendous amount of offsetting factors in the economy and markets right now that paint anything but a clear picture.

On the positive side, the economy remains resilient – particularly the labor market. Also valuations, while not cheap, are more appealing now than at other points in recent years.

On the negative side, the 2023 stock market rally has been led by a limited number of stocks while areas of the broader market remain challenged – such as Small cap stocks. Futher, there are still serious macro headwinds, not the least of which is the ongoing debt ceiling debate.

When you put both sides together, our view is that we will continue to be in this market environment that we have been in for the better part of two years, where market results may be varied from quarter to quarter, but the direction is NOT decisively wonderful nor terrible.

To that end, we are citing two articles this month. The first piece highlights some recent economic strength which suggests that recession could still be far off. The second article focuses on one of the views of the analysts at JP Morgan than the current risk/reward of the stock market is not ideal.


Libby’s Quips and Quotes

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John Wooden