Monthly Insights Newsletter: March 2023

Pat’s Planning Post

Did you know? While 7 out of 10 people in the US say they want to hand down wealth to their next generation, only 53% have an estate plan. And to be honest, that number seemed high to me! If you have finished or are putting the finishing touches on your 2022 taxes, perhaps your next “to-do” list item should be making sure your estate plans are in order.

Check out this full report on the “state of estate planning” to learn more.


Liebmans’ Library

For this month, we chose an article from about investors buying financial stocks during the recent banking panic. While we are generally supporters of using market weakness to search for opportunities, the recent buying of financial stocks, particularly regional banks, seems premature and speculative to us. The term “Buy the Dip” became a popular mantra in recent years, especially during the early days of the pandemic. Buying the dip is a strategy that often works when applied to broad asset classes when markets are fundamentally undervalued. At some point, someone will likely do quite well investing in financial stocks at low valuations, but until there is more clarity on the depths and tenure of this crisis, we view the more prudent action as maintaining diversification and balance and staying patient.


Aaron’s Action Items

As you may recall, my suggestion earlier this year was to create a yearly savings goal. Taking this topic even further, it is critical to not just save your money temporarily, but for the long term. We recently published this article to elaborate more.