Monthly Insights Newsletter – January 2022

Patrick’s Planning Post

It’s 2022! A new year brings changes to contribution limits and other important tax information. Feel free to reference and save this tax guide. 


Liebman’s Library

For January, we chose a Wall Street Journal article about the volatility and recent activity in the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) market. As a firm, we do not automatically accept or reject investments based solely on their structure. In our opinion, the contents of the investment are far more important than the construction.

This article highlights the potential pitfalls for investors when they get too enamored with a new or popular investment structure without fully contemplating the risks.


Aaron’s Action Items

This article from the Wall Street Journal calls attention to a few “action items” for the start of the year. It is critical to pay attention to what types of investment vehicles are held in non-retirement accounts. There can be major tax implications (as outlined in this Wall Street Journal article) for holding Mutual
Funds in Joint accounts, Individual accounts, trust accounts, etc. This is why our team focuses on primarily using potentially more favorable investment vehicles (ETFs) in these types of accounts.

The action here is to not only review your investments and associated allocations that are not under the Amplius umbrella, but also the structure of the investment you are using.

Our Amplius portal even allows you to “link” these external accounts which would allow us to review them if you would like.