Monthly Insights Newsletter – April 2022

Patrick’s Planning Post

Team Announcement

As we continually work to improve our processes, we wanted to inform you that Jonathan Bass and Phil Matalucci, in their capacities as Associate Wealth Advisors, will be heavily involved in the wealth planning process going forward. Since our comprehensive planning process includes many moving parts and covers a multitude of topics, we are excited to have Phil & Jonathan’s expertise and assistance to elevate how we communicate and build out your plan for success. In that vein, you may hear from both Jonathan and/or Phil more frequently as we work to provide financial success and security to you and your families.


Liebmans’ Library

For this month, we chose a Wall Street Journal article about the recent poor performance of the Bond Market. Much more attention in the media is generally paid to the movements
of the stock markets, but the bond markets have really had the most extreme moves of late. We have been extremely cautious and conservative in our approach to bonds for some time now and continue to remain defensive. Given the current inflation backdrop, investors need to tread carefully in their bond portfolios.


Aaron’s Action Items

Employee Stock Awards

For those of you who work for public companies and receive stock awards through your employer, it is a good time of year to make sure that you have a good grasp of those programs. There are many types of equity awards with their own set of tax implications and optimization strategies. Attached is a great way to put your knowledge to the test. We are here to make sure that you fully understand and make the most out of your employee stock award programs. If we haven’t had these conversations already, please reach out to schedule some time to discuss.

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